Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Start

We were so busy patting ourselves on the back for that diatribe we posted before the new year, we totally forgot to do our job.

Not murders actually, but we'll take attempted to start the year off right:

Two people were injured in early morning attacks Tuesday, according to New Orleans Police.
The first incident occurred about 3:30 a.m. in a parking garage at Girod and Lafayette.
Police had few details other than to say that a man was shot while in the garage. His injuries were described as non-life threatening.
A short time later police were on the scene of a stabbing at the World Trade Center at the foot of Canal Street.


Anonymous said...

According to Google Maps, Girod and Lafayette are parallel to each other, and therefore do not intersect.

I'm trying to plot violent crimes in NOLA on Google maps. When I make considerable progress I'll send you the link so you can post it here if you want. Thanks for the help logging violent crimes with this blog.

Keep it up.

O said...

Chances are, this garage takes up a full city block. The CBD is full of monstrocities like this, especially on Girod.