Thursday, February 14, 2008

All Quiet

Some might say there is a deliberate omission of certain instances in the city on account of the fact that the NBA is ready to descend upon us with all their economic glory. NOMB might be one of those saying it. More likely than not, we're just being our over paranoid, critical selves.

But regardless, here are two non-murder related stories:

1)Remember that photo we put up yesterday? Anyone? Seems we weren't the only folk who thought it strange.
Here's Nagin's response:

Yesterday's announcement was a lift to the morale of this heroic police department that lost much of it's resources in Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that resulted from the levee breaches. Instead a photo, taken out of context, was selected by our own local media and now showcased across the nation as a mockery of all this city's recovery efforts. This is the real tragedy.

Here's the TP's backpedal:

A photo in some Metro sections and on on Wednesday showed a laughing Mayor Ray Nagin pointing an M-4 rifle at Chief of Police Warren Riley at a
news conference to announce new crime fighting equipment purchased by
the New Orleans Police Department. A review of a video taken at the
event shows that the mayor momentarily pointed the gun at the chief as
he was lowering it but he did not deliberately point it at Riley

Just so no one outside the city is confused, NOMB would like to point out that the real tragedy is the following...

Formaldehyde risks in trailers confirmed

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