Friday, February 1, 2008

A Nerve

It seems, from the recent surge of site traffic, that NOMB has touched a nerve somewhere. But, we'll let anyone who wants to speak their piece. This all being said, we will now keep further comments to the comments page and would suggest that those out there with a keen interest, connection with this particular shooting start a web campaign to make their opinions more available to the public. Not that we mind the readership over here. Anyway, with all this in mind, here's some more from the Kyle Brown contingency:

One Reader:
As the spouse to a military man, I was born and raised in NO, but AM NOT ALLOWED by my own husband to enter New Orleans WITHOUT my gun. As an American Citizen with no felony record, I have the right to bear arms. Does anyone know what carrying a weapon for self defense is about? Just because you carry a gun doesn't mean your up to no good - it means your gonna take care of yourself when faced with imminent danger.
As a female standing 5'2" tall and weighing 125lbs, I have had to pull my gun IN NO when 4 (FOUR) men in their early twenties ran toward me yelling obscenities (and yes, myself and the FOUR wanna bees are/were white. They were obviously up to no good running at me and stopping only when I opened my car door and turned around with my gun locked and loaded. Halted in their tracks, turned their tails and ran back to their vehicle that was parked and still running. What were they up to? We never got to find out cause I had my gun and was trained and ready to use it.
Kyle has the right to bear arms and if he is not in the act of a crime when armed, he should have to answer to no one!
God watch over Kyle and help him in his healing and I also pray that I don't know either of the two police officers.

This might be another, maybe the same one probably:
Furthermore, Kyle Brown is a fine young man, and everyone who knows him are shocked at the news report because this is not the behavior of Kyle. He was about to become a police officer himself, yet now in ICU at the hospital where, might I add they won't allow ANYONE to see him, not even his parents, and will not give any information over the phone as to be updated on Kyle's condition. In custody or not, why is it that even a mother and father be DENIED to even get a glimpse of their son, let alone be there with him in such a critical state of health. Since the shooting, NOT ONE PERSON, FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER, outside law enforcement and hospital officials, have been able to see Kyle. How do we know he is even being treated properly? How could we know anything of his wounds if we cannot see him. At minimum this is a gross injustice to the family, not to mention very CRUEL.

We at NOMB fins this whole affair rather vexing, but chose not to make a stand one way or the other. We're just here to catalog. And to keep to that vein:

WWNO is reporting that Jefferson Parish deputies found the body of a man shot in his truck yesterday. They were responding to a call of shots fired and found the man dead in the cab of his truck, parked up against a trailer, maybe.

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