Sunday, February 24, 2008

Police Reports

Are small and often hiding in the print edition, but sometimes worth sniffing out.

In foggy news, the Mardi Gras Marathon kicked off this morning and NOMB was lucky enough to catch the hordes of toned leg muscles and bright outfits scampering down St. Charles.

So, with the Mardi Gras theme in mind...

If your like us and the majority of your consumer activities focus on the purchasing of tar paper, lumber, gypsum and silicone, than you probably know this truck stop. It’s the one where they actually set up a port-a-let so the laborers gathered on the curb can use the bathroom without entering either the truck stop, or the Lowe’s

A woman was stabbed in the leg by a man brandishing a silver sword (?) at the Mardi Gras Truck Stop off the I-10 and Elysian Fields. She was taken to the hospital where she apparently refused service.

In more grotesque parking lot news…

A purse snatching on the West Bank turned deadly Saturday afternoon. Shortly before 2 p.m., a woman who was preparing to leave a parking lot at Laborie's Food Market in Marrero was killed after she was run over while trying to resist a man who attacked her for her purse. While the 63-year-old woman was getting ready to enter her gold Toyota Camry, an unknown man got out of a nearby Dodge Ram pickup truck and grabbed her purse. As the victim, whose name was not released pending notification of her family, fought back, a second woman came to her aid. However, the women were not successful in fending off the man, who started to get back into the truck with the purse. As the truck, with a female driver and two male passengers, began to drive away, the victim -- apparently still fighting for her purse -- was pulled to the ground and run over,

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63 is not a good age to die. moi