Monday, January 19, 2009


A note from O concerning MLK:

Many of you may know that we hang a photo of The Doctor on the wall of our office. He sits right next to Oretha Castle Haley, who does not have such a fancy frame. In time like these, inauguration aside, we have to think about what the Doctor might have said. A man with little political, and total social aspiration, we wish we could give the city of NO our cassette tape of his speeches. We hope the city of NO, the teachers, the leaders, the workers, and the porch chillers all take at least two seconds today to remember our boy. TO remember that we're all scared for our children's future and we all deserve safer streets.

Back to 1:

1) A local woman who was fatally shot while walking with a friend in the French Quarter on Saturday night was the victim of armed robbers. The shooting occurred about 8 p.m. at the corner of Dauphine and Gov. Nicholls streets. More than a dozen friends and colleagues identified the victim as Wendy Burns, a bartender at French Quarter lounges Aunt Tiki's and Starlight by the Park. They printed photos of Burns, a popular veteran in the local service industry, and placed them alongside flowers at the murder scene and at her workplace. Marlon Defillo, assistant superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department, said the woman, a Quarter resident, was simply walking to a car with a friend.

Yesterday we threw a post up regarding this incident and then took it down a few hours later. We try to keep NOMB voice consistent, but something bout the tone didn't feel right on that one, so here's right:

A bartender working in the quarter was killed in a hustle gone wrong. It's a shame. The workers, never the fly-ins. The hours? The cash? Tourists got both. Odds? What they.


Anonymous said...

Wendy was raw life. She is greatly missed. Kbam

Anonymous said...

It was recently rumored that the additional security provided by the Downtown Development District (ddd) Public Safety Rangers in the French Quarter and the Marigny was discontinued in January, 2009, due to not getting enough votes by the F.Q. and Marigny Association to continue the service.

Wake up people! The ddd is a non-profit organization and provides the rangers at their "cost", which I hear is 1/2 the expense of security guards and 1/3 the fees of detail officers.

The service of ddd Public Safety Rangers should be increased in the Quarter and Marigny, not relinquished. Please call your associations and tell them to restart this service again and increase their numbers to higher than before. Do we need another resident to be killed or a tourist to lose their life? I pray not.