Saturday, January 3, 2009

Red roses, too

1) On January 1, 2009 at approximately 9:13 pm the victim was driving on Oleander. Intersection of Oleander and Joliet, green two door sport type vehicle cut in front. An unknown black male exited the vehicle and fired several shots. The victim returned fire. The victim sustained a gunshot wound to his left thigh.

2) A Metairie man who pushed his girlfriend from his pickup truck at a busy Metairie intersection, then ran over her in the street, remained in custody Friday night booked with negligent homicide.

3) A falling bullet grazed the back of a 25-year-old New Orleans man as he rang in the new year this morning, but authorities said celebratory gunfire overall appeared to continue its years-long decline.

Suppose it is time to reflect, but the work, it is unending and without pause. Respite for subjects and editors comes by way of small, fatty morsels ingurgitated with aid of watery beer. And sometimes by joy of firing one's toaster above one's head.

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