Wednesday, January 14, 2009


While we cannot, of course, substantiate any of the following, and acknowledge whole heartedly that it's completely hearsay, we can help but feel like passing this stuff on:

Word on the street is that all our new DA's office is in the middle of a switch up, rotating assistant DA's into different courts. As a result, most of assistant guys and gals want to try and clear their case loads and are coping deals, especially when they aren't too familiar with the case. The result? Recently a man being held on attempted murder, accused of shooting a another man numerous times (one of the bullets grazing the victims head), was given 26 months on an aggravated battery by shooting charge, 12 months of which he's served and we'll probably be released in 2.
The point? Go ahead and shoot someone in New Orleans. Chances are they won't catch you, and if they do, they'll probably fudge up the investigation, but if they do make the charges stick, they'll most likely get fed up and let you slip.

Come on. Everyone is doing it.

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