Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming Down The Street

We see a man limping towards us as we unload our groceries. He's at the end of the block. By the time all our bags are inside, he's finally made it up to the truck.
"You alright?" we ask.
"I got shot a couple times," he says as he hikes up his sagging pants. He isn't bleeding or anything. It must have been in the days or weeks before.
Still, "We wouldn't say that's alright," we tell him.
"It's cool," he says. "I'm just walking it off."
He goes about his business, gets halfway up the next block, turns around and says, "You have a nice day now," and waves.

The man that died yesterday on S. Saratoga was named Ryen J. Tate. Yes, he had a criminal record. No, that doesn't make it ok.

New Today:
A 20-year-old man, Gerald Thorton, was murdered Sunday night on the lawn of an Algiers home in the 6300 block of Kingston Court, about a block away from where he lived.

When asked if the family wants to comment, someone responds:
"What's the story going to be on? That all these black boys keep getting killed before they even turn 20?"

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