Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For The Lawyers

Could someone level with us? We read the terminology, but we just can't wrap our heads around it. Aggravated Battery Involving a Shooting (ABIS)? We remember a few days back when we heard that a incident involving a ABIS was upgraded to Attempted Murder after the cops realized that 1 of the 6 bullets wounds on the victims body was in his head.
Such logic astounds us.
If you're shooting a gun at someone, you're trying to to kill them, no? We mean, isn't that the intended purpose of the instrument? Isn't it sheer luck most times that the victim lives? Luck or misuse of the instrument?
Is this that whole, if they shoot 'em below the waist it ain't murder bullshit? Remember the football player who dies from a gunshot wound to the thigh?

Anyway, if you're gonna shoot, shoot to kill. If you're gonna use a gun, get charged with attempted murder. That's the way we feel. By all means, let us know why we're wrong.

Aggravated Battery Involving Shootings:
1) Spruce St. 8700 blk, Friday 1:26 PM
2) Maple Leaf Dr. 4100 blk Friday 11:38 PM

Aggravated Battery Involving Stabbings:
1) Toledano St. 3100 blk Friday 11:19 AM
2) Chef Menteur HWY. 7200 blk 10:38 PM

So, we guess that the man shot in Gentilly yesterday, Terence Vine, known to friends and fans as "Sporty T., is the victim of an Attempt Aggravated Battery With An AK-47, AKA Murder.

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