Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Missing The Boat

Maybe we're the ones who're confused but does this make sense:
We find reports of murders from Friday on Tuesday, but get Sunday's murders on Monday. Does chronology matter to anyone but us? Also, can we says Sunday's murders. Didn't we pick on the Times-Picayune for that same thing yesterday?

We're sorry. We don't mean to hassle them, it's just, that's their job. And this, this is just our little warped hobby, being updated on the fly from inside a warehouse. A warehouse dangerously close to the following...

1)Friday 10:15 PM Deshawn Stewart, 18, was shot to death in the 1500 block of Prieur. (It doesn't say if its North or South Prieur)
2) 10:40, Friday: Anthony Brooks of New Orleans, 20, died of gunshot wounds in the 3100 block of Marais.


NOMB got some letters yesterday, let's take a look:

Swampwoman:Do you know the total murder count so far this year? The TP hasn't included the tally in their articles lately...

Sorry swampwoman, we really don't have an official count. We are more interested in the list, the structure of the reportage, the details, the cartography, and the connectivity of murder in the city, not really the number so much. Each one always seems individual to us.

Anonymous:Is NOMB going to make an endorsement in the DA race? I would think it appropriate.

Gee whiz that's mighty flattering, but probably totally inappropriate in our opinion for the following reasons:
1)We don't know shit about the officialness of city politics. Although we sure know enough to be scared to death of city hall, to enter with care, to glean as much information from them as possible while giving as little as possible.
2)Our affiliation, politically, is with the victims of murder, no matter how bad their rap sheet is, no matter what they did with their lives, no matter what kind of beef they made on the street. We think the only way to stop this is to humanize it. We also acknowledge the irony of that sentiment. After all, what's more humanizing, more personal, than getting murdered?

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