Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today, the city is conducting evacuation drills in different neighborhoods to test NOLA's preparedness. Participants who are playing the roles of of our weary flood victims are encourage to bring their dogs, children, and weapons of choice to the mock melee.
Melee (from the French mêlée IPA: [mele]) generally refers to disorganized close combat involving a group of fighters. A melee ensues when groups become locked together in combat with no regard to group tactics or fighting as an organized unit; each participant fights as an individual


1) 3100 blk Washington Ave, 3:30 pm - man shot in hip while shooting hoops.


1100 blk Columbus (spelled Colunbus on all the street signs between Claiborne and N. Tonti) 8:22 pm - Man is stabbed by son-in-law. Police and step children every where have absolutely no reaction

2) 1000 Blk Vallette St. 7:51 pm

We got an inquiry yesterday from a reader asking for more info on one of these reports taken from the police blotter. Unfortunately, this is about all the info you can expect, unless you got a friend who works for NOPD, or maybe you work at the counter of a 24-hour lunch spot that is frequented by loose-lipped police officers.

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