Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not an Update

We were wrong. It wasn't the hurricane in the air we smelled yesterday. It was the oil. When we thought the new diner on the corner of Franklin gave us food poisoning because we were queasy, that was probably the oil.
McCain was a no show. NOPD is in a quagmire. And we, the majority of the editors work alone in the neighborhoods with little to protect us but our hammers

Also, in case you are in need of a "what the hell?" kind of NOLA moment:

Theft or Burglary from Inside a Car: 1-10 East Twin Span Exit, Friday 10:35 am.

Sometimes we wish we had access to the police reports on this stuff.

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Anonymous said...

this from the fifth district's "e-blast" that i received yesterday:

"Tuesday, July 22, 2008
1000 block Desire St. armed robbery with a gun. The victims, Hispanic contractors, were working outside a residence when they were approached by two unknown black males. The wanted subjects asked about work and then both produced semi-auto handguns and attacked the victims kicking them to the ground. The perpetrators robbed the victims of their wallets and a cell phone. The perpetrators made good their escape with approximately $350 in cash. The wanted subjects were described as follows: Subject #1 5’8” about 150 lbs. with short dreadlock hair. He was dressed in a brown shirt and blue denim shorts. Subject #2 6’0” 170lbs. long length dreadlock hair. He was dressed in a black shirt and black pants."