Thursday, May 1, 2008

Commander's Palace

There are slew of theories over here about why someone might light a couple on fire and put them in the back of the rented SUV. It could certainly be because they passed off this tomb of a restaurant as a bona fide recommendation for New Orleans cuisine.

NOMB heard the channel 4 late breaking news while sitting in down at the Tulane Clinic for internal medicine, next to a some new parents arguing over who watches more television in Spanish, and how, now with the baby and all, they ought to be watching more TV in English:

A tow truck operator and employees of a rental car agency discovered burned, dismembered human remains Wednesday morning inside a torched and abandoned rental vehicle.Desi Bradford, of New Orleans, worried that the remains are of his relative, Jarnell Sanders, 22, and his girlfriend, Candice Guillard, 24, both of whom have been reported missing, might be inside.

The best part of this is that NOPD was dispatched to the scene of the burning car, assessed the situation, and called in the tow truck, all the while oblivious to the bodies inside. Powers of Deduction.


Anonymous said...

Let's get NOMB's top ten New Orleans cuisine picks, since Commander's Palace is substandard.

O said...

NOMB doesn't eat out, or make stands on anything ( you don't read this thing regularly, do you), and we often take price, portion, and dryness of fish into account, but if you must know:

-Ms. Jackie's on Brooklyn
-Big Al's (although we only go to Grand Cayou, not Annunciation)
-ANd whatever else we forgot

-bb y c

Anonymous said...

where do you get your info? just curious.. The police department often tows vehicles with the bodies inside to protect forsensic evidence.