Thursday, May 29, 2008


When we were kids, our fathers took us to the pancake house for all you could eat. We ate so much of that strawberry colored syrup that when we got outside we vomited pink all over the grey sidewalk.

This makes us twice as sick

Betsy McDaniel, 72, the owner of the popular Betsy's Pancake House in Mid-City, has died this morning, three days after she was brutally attacked in Marrero home

When we say there's so much violence it's hard to keep track of sometimes, we aren't talking about our work. We got it easy. We mean this stuff:

New Orleans police released details Wednesday of four non-fatal shootings over the weekend in Lower Coliseum Square, Central City, eastern New Orleans and in a residential area between the Broadmoor and Gert Town neighborhoods

1) 26-year-old Metairie man riding in the 2900 block of College Court in the front passenger seat of a Pontiac Grand Am was taken to Lakeside Hospital with a gunshot wound in the thigh
2)On Saturday about 3:50 a.m., a 19-year-old Harvey man was shot in the left side and left leg and taken to University Hospital in undisclosed condition. He told police he was driving west on Religious Street when a black Dodge Charger with dark-tinted windows pulled up to the left and rear of his vehicle. At least two occupants of the Charger lowered their windows and fired into the teenager's car, wounding him before speeding away west on Tchoupitoulas Street.
3)They say they like a 15 year-old for this shooting - Friday night shortly before midnight, a 23-year-old Central City man was shot inside his house in the 1800 block of Philip Street, police said. The victim called police who found him lying on the floor of the house with gunshot wounds to his upper left arm, upper right arm and right side of his neck
4) Innocent Bystander - In eastern New Orleans A 47-year-old woman who resided in a townhouse complex was shot while sitting amidst a group of arguing people.

Fear the Weekend

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Anonymous said...

It is sad and depressing when you find out how officials are "cooking the books" to bring the numbers down.
Any chance you could put up a 2008 counter for confirmed murders? I noticed the most common question people on the site ask is how many official counts.