Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Full Moon

Social workers schedule their work week around it.
Police will testify to its ability to sway.
Werewolves salivate for it.

In NOLA, we get this...

Police arrested two 18-year-old women in separate stabbing attacks this weekend

1) Davell Peterson, of the 2800 block of St. Philip Street, was booked with one count of aggravated battery after she allegedly stabbed her uncle several times in his right forearm and the right side of his face on Saturday

2)Renita M. Johnson, of the 2500 block of Bienville Street, was arguing with an unidentified person when she armed herself with a steak knife and cut that person's right hand. As the victim tended to the injury, police say Johnson began to breaking the victim's windows. They do not say if they were car or house windows. The stabbing victim then grabbed of the knife and stabbed Johnson several times

Some might blame this on the heat we're feelin'. It's a break from the norm, either way.

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