Thursday, May 15, 2008

Switch The Techniquie

We can only guess that maybe the criminal element is getting bored with the all too simple "drive up and shoot 'em" MO and are looking to add some spice to their lives. Observe the following wild west, gangster movie, hot blooded nonsense:

This is the incident choreography of the murder we ran yesterday.

A pair of brothers in a car ran over a young man Tuesday night, then shot him several times, leaving him for dead on a busy Central City street. Darnell P. Stewart, 23, of New Orleans, was dead at the scene in the 3400 block of S. Claiborne
The brothers -- Andre Hankton, 30, and Telly Hankton, 31 -- and the victim were involved in a car chase through the Central City area. At some point, Stewart got out of his vehicle and tried to run away. The Hanktons rammed their vehicle into Stewart and then shot him several times

Beaten to death, maybe the most gut turning way to go:
A Gretna man who was found beaten last week died Tuesday evening. Donald Dufrene III, 28, died at at 6:20 p.m. from head injuries. Dufrene was found May 6 lying in a pool of blood in the 100 block of Friedrichs Road in Terrytown.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering about your opinion on the Police Commish (this is totally off topic). I have heard a few interviews with him and he seems legit.

Anonymous said...

OH DONNIE I MISS YOU SO MUCH..i know ill see you one day D.. ill never forget you

Anonymous said...

Donnie-I'm sorry for your pain while here on earth- I wonder if justice will be servered for your murder. I hope the right people pay for the real crime at hand and one day share with me how you felt when the lord sent his to take you home. I miss and love you so much.