Monday, May 5, 2008

We're in Ohio People

So give us a break already,

From NO East, still the untamed wilderness we've all hoped it would be:

A local man was "suicided" to death Sunday afternoon in eastern New Orleans.
Brandon McCue, 22, of New Orleans, was shot shortly after 2 p.m. in the 7700 block of Chef Menteur Highway. Police responded to a call that someone had been "suicided", and found McCue lying in a driveway inside a trailer park east of Wilson Avenue. McCue had multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sometimes, even we don't know what to say.

17-year-old Marrero woman was in critical condition Sunday and her unborn baby was dead after she was accidentally shot by a friend, who was booked in the death of the fetus, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said.


Susan said...

Hello -

I am writing to try to connect with the owner of this blog. I am working on a documentary in the New Orleans area and am looking for archive video to supplement our film.

Do you know where I might be able to locate videographers who cover these types of stories? I am looking for footage that is "news" like - nothing that would be considered inappropriate. We have a budget for archive footage and would work out all necessary licensing agreements.

I've approached the local news stations but unfortunately they do not license footage.

I would like to add that our documentary does not focus on the violence in New Orleans. We are following several high school students throughout the year. We've only begun to look for archive footage because a close friend of our characters (Guy McEwen) was recently killed and it made local headlines.

Any information would be helpful!

Thank you so much,

O said...

too bad you leave no way to contact you and your blogger profile is disabled, but you know, whatever


Susan said...

If someone wants to contact me, they can simply leave a post like you did! :)

I didn't know my blogger profile was disabled - I'll have to mess around with it today and fix it. Thanks for the heads up.

O said...

if you can't view your profile then you can't post a comment, crazy huh?