Saturday, May 17, 2008

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Since there seems to be some question as to the authenticity/authority of this blog, its editors and its information, lets take this murder free minute to explore.

On the subject of sources/procedures:
1)where do you get your info? just curious.. The police department often tows vehicles with the bodies inside to protect forsensic evidence.
Good question. Anything in italics is taken from print or online media (ie: Times-Picayune)
The burned vehicle was found April 30 near Interstate 10 and Michoud Boulevard, but the bodies were not noticed until the SUV was taken to the car rental lot in Kenner.

Its called the newspaper. Unfortunately, it's all we gots round here

On opinions:
2)Just wondering about your opinion on the Police Commish (this is totally off topic). I have heard a few interviews with him and he seems legit.

We really don't have opinions, as it were (except that murder is bad). We're more interested in cataloging and reportage. Any comments we might make that seem like opinion are usually the result of a deep seeded pain and confusion expressing itself as ironic/sarcastic banter.

Thanks for the interest.

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